Join our Online Digital School, Club Activities and make a difference!
Join our Online Digital School, Club Activities and make a difference!


A dream project of Edupruners having a vast experience in the field of education more than 3 decades; have initiated the E Home schooling system using technology and focusing majorly on providing education to every student in the comforts of their home thus providing a safe environment away from the hustle of transportation, travel time, along with security, health and hygiene issues as the safety and wellbeing of the students is of paramount interest. With a robust “TEL” curriculum ; and Latest Technology we intend to provide education from Grade KG to Grade 12 (K12 Solutions) and thus providing education to fulfil the dreams of a bright tomorrow as confident and responsible  individual in our Society!


  1. Students can learn more about what they really care about.
  2. Personalized learning is a strong method of instruction
  3. Students will have the real world experience
  4. Students build a better bondage at home by caring about family, friends & relatives.
  5. Gives a greater opportunity for students to interact with students all over the World through online classes.
  6. Our Facilitators give more, personal care and grooming, which will help your child tend to pick up things easier than in normal schools.
  7. The studies become more interesting as it is interactive and more SEE,DO and LEARN pattern of learning using Technology.
  8. Studying with us students will become happier & more productive Adults.
Our curriculum is formed with a combination of UNESCO & NEP in frame which is child-friendly and age appropriate progression of practical learning experiences. It provides engaging classroom like activities to promote active learning of academically rigorous lessons to build a strong foundation of concepts.
Our “TEL” curriculum is embedded with technology which helps us to flip classrooms, ultimately leading to student- centric, hands-on learning with creativity and innovative practices. Methodology: “Animation with Thematic Approach using MI & Technology with scope to foster innovation and creative.


Dr Latha Murthy



Dear Parents & Educators,
Are you the kind of person who wonders what the world will look like through the course of our children’s lives and the kind of learning we need to provide in order to prepare them for this New world?
Do you believe  each child has inherent  talent / potential, with unique strengths, development needs and learning preferences? Do you believe that the purpose of education and life is to go beyond just studying from a book, and four walls of the classroom- help find your childs’ life’s purpose/passion, fulfil their potential to be the best that you can allow them to be and contribute to making the world a better place? Studying from Home really matters and allows a good space and time for your child to get life long learning and make them critical thinkers. Do you want to teach through collaborations with the wider learning community and in a compassionate and happy learning environment so that both you and  your students benefit? If yes, come and join the 3E Home School team and learning community to have a say in how we should be educating our Future. Technology…today…tomorrow is the future! Mission TEL for us at 3E Home School is to equip every child not just for individual excellence but also to contribute to making the world a better place.
This forms the bedrock of our thoughts, words and actions.  to make this India’s and humanity’s century. We can do this only if we recognise that the New World requires New Learning, that learning is a lifelong journey and that our schooling system needs to change from teaching for a test to one that teaches for life.

Jyothi Manjunath

Co-Partner & Director


Jyothi Manjunath is a visionary leader having expertise in Business innovations & Operations. Her 2+ decades of vivid experience consists of an award winning children daycare center based out of Banglore, and a global venture focused on mental well-Being of individuals and family. she is also an mental Well-Being of individuals and family, she is also an aspiring social entrepreneur who works for rural development and women development.

Board of Directors

Mr. James kerr

Mr.James Martin

Dr.Gayethri Devi

Dr.Stella Pandhare

Dr.Venkata Rayudu


Dr. Saran

Dr.Deepa Vincent

Mrs.Sunita Khanapure


Mrs.Shilpa Spoorthy

Mrs.Nusrath Begum


Mr.Aswath Narayana Consultant

Dr. Shashi Pandey

Mr.Sumeet Mayor
Business Strategist

Kamala Maralapatla

Our Faculty

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Navneet Walia
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Gagan Deep Kaur
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Divya Nirmal
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Meenu Priya
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Sujata Rout
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Deepshikha Varshney
Vijay Govind
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ravi (1)
Graphic Designer
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Bhavan kumar V

Admission Open for 2022-2023 for Grade Nursery to Grade VIII Call: 9900246988, 9606095061

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